Maximise Your Mode

"Your style is your identity - make it work for you!"

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I'm delighted you are curious about Maximising your Mode. We all have our own style and identity, even if we believe we don't and simply 'chuck on comfortable clothes'. This act in itself is actually the creation of an identity but the key issue here is do you dress confidently to please yourself or just hide?

How you dress says a lot about how you feel about yourself overall. We all adopt our own armour but this can be both positive and negative, depending on how you feel inside. If you find that you wear big baggy clothes to hide a body that you dislike, or wear muted colours to blend in and not stand out then your armour is likely part of the barriers that you also put up in your mind. What I aim to support you with is to wear your armour with pride and make it work for you, rather than the other way around. Your armour should reflect your personality, your confidence and your outlook on life, reflecting your new more confident identity.

This transformation is not just simply about shopping and choosing new clothes, it is about teaching you to be comfortable in your own skin, to dress for confidence and to create your own signature style.
We will explore the different aspects that create an identity, focusing on confidence and not how we traditionally view ourselves with that critical eye. You will learn to manage your self-doubts regarding your appearance and instead embrace your body as a way to highlight who you are.

Part of the package will include assessing, exploring and developing the following areas.

Going out

Exploring your style and confidence will take you outside your comfort zone. As you develop your confidence, we will go shopping to see what changes you have made in terms of what you choose to wear and explore clothes you did not previously feel confident enough to wear.


We will experiment with colours and styles to produce a signature look that is yours. You will be fascinated as you progress through the programme and see how your choices change. The focus here will be to experiment with not only clothes but make up, hair, accessories and even updating your surroundings with your new-found style.

Dressing for confidence

This is probably the hardest stage of the programme as we all have such a critical eye when it comes to our appearance and body image, particularly if your appearance has changed from when you last felt confident. The focus here is on managing your doubts and insecurities and improve your self-appreciation.

Your body

Each of these stages are linked and as with Dressing for Confidence, learning how to dress your particular body is hard because of deep rooted self-criticism. However, as you progress, you will learn to embrace your favourite features and, alongside a more positive body image, focus on these areas to showcase to new you.

Addressing the past

While we do explore where your body image issues came from, we also want to look back to the past to reignite those confident times. Perhaps you have a time in your past or remember a particular outfit you wore that made you feel really good. Remember the focus is always on confidence.

Body language

Body language is an important part of the human psyche and many of us do not realise that how we feel about ourselves is actually reflected in how we carry ourselves. I will help you to change this and create a more positive and confident body language. You'll be surprised at how this change will complement your other changes to help you get what you want.