Therapist and Psychologist in London and Berkshire, Executive Coach, Life Coach London, Windsor, Reading, CBT Therapist, Lecturer, Happiness Consultations

As a skilled coach, I use a combination of observation, questioning, listening and then providing feedback to create a conversation rich in insight and learning. With this focus and attention, we will develop a greater awareness and appreciation of your circumstances and explore the options using my expertise to create new ways to resolve your issues for achieving your goals, using a very personalised programme.

Executive Coach

Being a life coach and an executive coach I am essentially working with you towards a firm objective and purpose. The difference between the two types of coaching is the area of their emphasis. Therefore, executive coaching is helping you achieve your goals related to work which can be on any number of areas.

I coach professionals across Europe and USA for clients including top law firms and management consultancies. The areas tend to be around resilience, career-change, leadership, managing a transition such as promotion, or maternity and or return to work (which can be from mental illness, bereavement, becoming a parent etc) and self-presentation.

The benefits you will gain include:

  • Improved performance
  • Improved sense of direction and focus
  • Increased knowledge of self-awareness
  • Improved ability to relate to and influence others
  • Increased motivation
  • Improved performance effectiveness
  • Increased resourcefulness and resilience
  • Increased confidence
  • improved communication

Life Coach

As a life coach I work with you on a personal level. I have coached people from all walks of life during difficult times, such as divorce, redundancy, studying at university, finding meaningful relationships or looking at ways to create a more positive outlook in life. I draw on many applications from positive psychology research and coaching theory.

The following are examples of areas individuals seek support for:

  • Resolving career-related issues, helping you deal with challenges at work and feel less stressed, more fulfilled and valued in the workplace;
  • Dealing with the practical challenges of juggling work and home-life;
  • Dealing more effectively with personal issues (such as relationship or family situations) helping you to develop greater self-confidence, better communication and clarity;
  • Expanding your social circle and developing a greater sense of adventure;
  • Building a more positive and stronger sense of identity, enabling you to be comfortable with the person you are. Thus, increasing levels of self-esteem and confidence in what you do.
  • Understanding your purpose and values

Happiness Consultations

I also offer Happiness Consultations, which is an exploration of how you chase happiness. If you find that you often say, when I get 'something' then I will be happy, assigning happiness in this way can be very limiting because you are always seeking 'something' and never actually feel happy or content. We will review your values and different aspects of your life to enable you to feel a sense of contentment with what you have got and to further explore happiness from within, rather than assigned. This positive psychology coaching uses the science of well-being and research-based assessments and interventions to bring about greater satisfaction, fulfilment and performance in life.


Mindfulness is a type of therapy which is based on a form of meditation to enable the mind to re-focus attention to become present in the moment. This process will help you manage stress, anxiety, pain and other problems. You will learn to accept the reality of how things are in 'the here and now' and to tolerate difficult emotions and thoughts as they arise by letting them come up, addressing them, letting them go and moving on. Whether it's a pleasant experience or a painful experience you will learn to treat it the same way, resulting in a stillness and balance of mind that brings deeper joy and compassion in how you feel.