What My Clients Say...

"Happiness, not in another place but this place... not for another hour, but this hour" (Walt Whitman): I have had sessions with Sarah-Jane for the past two years and I credit her with bringing me back to life. She helped me out of a major depression, and then we figured out my version of a meaningful life, and how to live it. She challenged my ways of thinking: about myself, about others, about the world and my place in it, and she showed me how to retain the parts which worked, and to break free of what didn't. She made me curious about life again, how to see its full technicolour. It's hard work, it's meant to be, and I would not have wanted to do it without her.

Niall, Writer

Since coaching I have opened up and been vulnerable to the beliefs I hold about myself - limiting, exciting or otherwise. The confidence derived from working with Sarah Jane has meant I can talk transparently to family and friends about the topics we have worked on and thus over the past months I have achieved a major career goal, made sure that I actually relax and provided myself the time to grow. The biggest change is an appreciation of how my world view had commanded my decision making and spending habits; a world view I can now influence!

Oliver, HR Business Partner

I worked with Sarah Jane on two occasions, and found her to be an incredibly supportive, caring, knowledgeable and constructive therapist and coach. On both occasions, I was suffering from some anxiety, and her positive and thoughtful approach allowed me to begin to approach situations and circumstances differently and to learn to "sit with" and be ok with negative emotions. She gave me the space and freedom to speak and express my concerns, but also gave me concrete methods to help change my thinking for the better. I left every session with her feeling significantly lighter and more positive. I have since recommended her to a number of friends and colleagues who have similarly been delighted with the support she has provided.

Anna, Expedia

Thank you for being a powerful and compassionate coach, mentor, inspiration.

Tim, T.V Industry

"I can't thank you enough for all of your help and support over the past few months - I honestly feel like a completely different person and no longer feel 'trapped' by my thoughts and reactions to things, and your guidance and help has been a huge part in that. The tools and tips you've armed me with have helped me navigate a lot of difficult situations both at work and in my personal life, and will continue to do so after the sessions have ended. On top of that, you have been so warm and reassuring, and it's been a true pleasure attending the sessions, even if I've found them difficult at times. Thank you so much!

Rosie, Gartner

I have been working with Sarah Jane for three years, and I can honestly say she has truly helped transform my life. This has been achieved through my own thinking and behaviour changes but also because of Sarah Jane's incredible encouragement, patience and guidance. We've worked together for a long time, and without exception would leave our sessions a much calmer, happier, more focused person. Not only has she helped me understand and cope with anxiety, low self esteem and low moods she has also seen me through huge changes in my professional and personal life. We have built up such a strong level of trust and rapport and I know I could talk to her about anything - however small or inconsequential it felt. Sarah Jane is the ultimate professional. I can't imagine life without my sessions with her, but I know it's going to be a better life because of them.

Craig, Director & Film Maker

After a number of sessions with Sarah Jane, I feel like I've come out the other side a completely different person. I started seeing her as a result of all consuming anxiety, and after a couple of months I really turned a corner. I'm no longer experiencing regular anxiety and I am much better placed to handle the few negative thoughts I do have. I'm now really excited about a number of areas in my life that I haven't made space for over the last few years, including exercise, creativity and better eating. Sarah Jane is an incredibly warm and open person and I highly recommend her.

Sophie, Sustainability Manager

Sarah Jane's coaching was so fundamental to helping me shift my thinking around a challenging work situation. Thanks to our programme of sessions, I find myself now, investing my energy in the things I am passionate about and balancing my work and personal life in a much happier and healthier way. Sarah Jane shines a light on things you say and do that you may not otherwise be aware of in order to bring about clear thinking and make it possible to go after and achieve the things you want.


Excellent; would not hesitate to recommend.

Laura, Bain Management Consultant

My experience with Sarah Jane was absolutely wonderful. She provided me with unfailing support and gentle but directional guidance through a very difficult time. At the start of our sessions I really couldn't see my way forward, but by the end of our time together I had a completely rebuilt mindset and positive outlook. It's such a cliche but I genuinely feel like a new person! I'm deeply grateful and would not hesitate to recommend Sarah Jane to anyone else looking for a safe space and expert care.

Annie, Corporate Lawyer

I have been seeing Dr Sarah Jane since September last year and I can't thank her enough for how much my sessions have helped me. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Dr Sarah Jane, I cannot describe how much of a difference you have made and helped me with.

Emma, Mental Health Practitioner

Thank you Sarah Jane for all you help and support over the past year. When I came to Sarah Jane I was severely depressed and feeling very anxious. I didn't believe anything or anyone would be able to help me. That changed through my sessions with Sarah Jane. The thing I was the most grateful for was that my journey started from the beginning of my childhood all the way to the present day. Through the sessions I realised why my mind and body reacted in certain ways. Sarah Jane helped me recognise and challenge these issues, and provided tools and methods on how to cope with them. Most of all she made me feel that I was good enough and identified all the great things in my life that I am now very grateful for. I had a great rapport with Sarah Jane, she is warm and kind. Her tone is really calming and I felt so comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with her. Thank you for everything.

Satvinder, Barclays Visa Finance Business Partner

When I first met with Sarah Jane I was in a lot of denial about a situation of harassment at work. Sarah Jane's empathy and guidance during that period was essential to being able to find my strength to speak up about it, ultimately for a positive resolution. I have continued to work with Sarah Jane over a period of 2 years and over that time I have been able to completely change the course of my life for the better, using the holistic tools and caring guidance she provides. I can highly recommend working with her.

Sally, Senior Financial Analyst

Sarah-Jane offers a range of psychological interventions and specialises in dermatological difficulties. She is very thoughtful.

Dr David Edwards, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Sarah Jane is so supportive and she has such a great approach to helping you understand and come to terms with negative experiences in your life, while highlighting your strengths and abilities. I went to Sarah Jane while experiencing a lot of anxiety in my life and she helped me to link past events with the present, introduced practical tips to manage my anxiety, practice self-compassion and so much more. Thank you Sarah Jane for helping me to understand myself better, practice self-compassion, feel much less anxious and feel more equipped to handle difficult situations in the future! I cannot recommend Sarah Jane enough.

Anneliese, KMPG PA

Thank you so much Sarah Jane, I have been feeling really happy, calm and grateful. Things have been really good for me. I feel like I'm living the life I really want to be leading right now.I would like to thank you so much for helping me make sense of my feelings and demons and helping me challenge them so efficiently that now I am able to do it almost effortlessly most of the time. The space of non-judgment and compassion you have given me has been hugely appreciated.You've inspired me even more to become a therapist and help people in the way you have helped me. I feel like a completely different person to the girl I was before I came too see you.

Elpha, Psychology Graduate

Sarah Jane was so compassionate and insightful through-out our therapy consultations. She has enabled me to take back control and lead a more meaningful and fulfilled life. Words cannot express my gratitude.

William, I.T Consultant

I was very lucky, Dr Khalid was the first therapist that I found to talk to. I had been weary of therapy, thinking that my problems were insignificant and other people had to deal with much worse, this was of course wrong and Dr Khalid was kind, understanding and non judgmental. Through our sessions together I not only recovered from my struggles in the present, I also found such understanding about myself that I wish I had only gone to see her sooner.

Pilar, Secondary School Teacher

This has been my first experience with a therapist and I must say that it has been totally positive. Dr. Khalid has helped me to understand so many aspects of my personality, now I can recognize and deal with these issues in a positive way. From the beginning I felt very comfortable talking to her, since Dr Khalid has always been approachable, understanding and supportive. I feel very grateful for her help. Thank you so much Dr Khalid.

Rohan, Music Industry

Sarah Jane has supported my journey hugely. She has been a mirror in my process and I am forever thankful.

Claire, Bain Management Consultant

I would like to thank you so much for helping me make sense of my feelings and demons and helping me challenge them so efficiently that now I am able to do it almost effortlessly most of the time. The space of non-judgment and compassion you have given me has been hugely appreciated.

Saliha, Fitness instructor

I have been feeling really happy and calm and grateful. Things have been really good for me. I feel like I'm living the life I really want to be leading right now.

Billy, Architect

Dear Sarah, thank you so much! May God continue to bless the work that you do. You've been amazing and helped me so much. You've listened me going on and on and never a bad face! Will really miss our sessions together. I always left my sessions with hope which enabled so a great deal of positive change in my life.

Angela, Retired Nurse

Thank you for all your time and advice over the last month. Thank you for all your patience in listening to things that I'm sure others would find trivial in such a compassionate and non-judgmental way! I feel much happier and settled than I have for a long time...I'm sure there will be times in the future when things don't feel so easy but I feel you have helped me a great deal to find strategies that will help.

Helen, HR Manager

My life can be divided into two parts: My life before confidence coaching, and my life starting after. Things are invaluably better.

Zahid, Accenture Management Consultant

After a bad experience with a male therapist and some recent bereavements, I came to Sarah in a highly anxious and depressed state. Sarah couldn't have been warmer, kinder and more professional. She listened to me carefully and always displayed a real commitment to help me understand accept and deal with my difficult, negative patterns of thought. Because of this, I was able to build a deep sense of trust with Sarah and over time make real progress and improvement in my mental health and general well being.I was also able to return to Sarah for support in 2013 when I became very ill and suffered chronic pain 24/7. Sarah was so understanding and practical in her suggestions for relaxation exercises I could do own my own that served me so well during those times of hopelessness. She also noticed quickly when my communication was less frequent or had changed due to my levels of pain, and was on the phone to help me when I was too sick to get to her in person. Those were very low, sad times for me and Sarah was key in her support, helping to get me though my treatment. Overall my time with Sarah has massively changed the way I think about anxious and depressive thoughts and I can sincerely say meeting her has greatly improved my life. I now have a mental tool kit to help me, help myself and I also know, should I need to in the future, she would be able to offer me great advice and support again. I truly value her opinion. Thank you Sarah.

Sarah, Events Manager

Sarah is a brilliant therapist. She has helped me more than anyone else in my entire life. I am very grateful.

Johnathan, A&O lawyer

Thank you so much for the past 12 sessions, I feel better able to use techniques, especially breathing and recognising negative thoughts so that I can zap them with more balanced and often more positive ones. Your kindness and friendliness has made talking about a very difficult and personal issue so much easier.

Afia, General Practitioner

Sarah Jane was attentive and supportive to cater to treatment to my specific needs. I felt in good hands and feel a great progression. She has given me tools to take away which are also invaluable.

Tim, Hedge Fund Partner

Sarah Jane has a very gentle trustworthy manner and I always came away at the end of each session feeling I knew and respected myself more than I did at the beginning. By the time the course ended I felt I'd been given enough tools and exercises for survival.

Carolyn, Partner

I want express my thanks to you for your help in making me understand, that I have the power to believe I am worth something.

Your therapy has helped me a lot! I know I may have forgotten a few things, which I hope will come back to my memory as and when they need to be recalled. You have helped me to understand, that I can say 'no' because I have the right to do so, which helps build self-esteem because I am encouraged by having some self- respect. I hadn't realized how my issues have been drip fed over my life until I met you.

I feel my sessions with you have definitely helped me live better. Thank you for changing my life!

Ruta, Policy Development Consultant